Monday, May 14, 2012

Meet Me On Monday!!

It's Monday,folks! MMOM Time has never been this great!!Joining in the fun!!The questions for this week are: 1. For Mother's Day I _________ 2. What is your favorite dish that your Mom makes? 3. Who are you a "Mom" too? 4. What did you have for Mother's Day dinner? 5. What is your fondest memory of your Mom? Here's my answers! 1. For Mother's Day I had a birthday cake, coz guess what, I'm 39!:)))Yes folks, May 13, Mother's Day this year is also my birthday!:))
2. WOOH!!I think everything she makes is just awesome! Even if it is as simple as Paksiw na Isda!!!:)))
3. I am a "Mom" to two giddy boys, EJ(9yo) and Jet(7yo)!
4. For Mother's Day the whole family had adobong manok and pancit malabon!!
5. Every moment spent with my Mom is endearing for me!Folks,I'd like to share this old photo of mine with Mom and Dad!!(yezzz,that's me,the dancing tot!:)) Family bonding time circa 1974 hehehe!!
Well, hope you liked that!!I'm off to visit fellow moms!!Happy MMOM to all!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Subtle Ways To Please Your Man

Men love to be fussed over. Well maybe not all!Take my hubby for example. He is simply the no-frills type of guy that sometimes I am really at awe. But I know that like any other person in this world he also has that basic need to be pleased. There are basically a zillion of ways to please a man but doing it subtly does more than do the trick. Here are just a few of them: 1. Surprise him with a shirt or jacket you know he's been wanting for the longest time. My man is into jogging/running and particularly fond of marathons so I know that a warm,cozy GAP jacket would suit him well.Thanks to gap mens coupons which I got hold a week ago I am sure my man will be pleasantly surprised!
2. Treat him to a relaxing massage!I for one am not an expert when it comes to massage therapy but I am trying my best to learn a few techniques. With a little help from essential oils it doesn't fail to help him relax especially after a gruelling day at work.
Lastly, always try to spend quality bonding time together, just the two of you. Share light talk, swap jokes and reminisce happy memories together. My man loves it when we both sit down over, cuddle and just share happy thoughts over a relaxing cup of coffee!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Meet Me On Monday!!

It's MMOM time once again and boy,did I miss this! Sure glad Lady Java is back and with a vengeance!:)) Joining in this week! And here goes!


1.  I wish _________

2.  If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?

3.  Do you like to cook? 

4.  What do you like to do to get exercise?

5.  How tidy are you?

My Answers:

1. I wish I was  A SINGER if only for a day!:))

2. I would like to witness the concert tour of the AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11 TOP 10!!! :)))

3. This pic will say it all!hahaha!

4. I don't really,really like it but guess what? 

 yap, you're right! HOUSE CHORES give me all the exercise I can get in my whole lifetime!:)))

5.  In a scale of 1-10 I can definitely say, with utmost pride that  my tidiness looms between 7 and 8??!!!(huh!!!) :)))

well, that's my share for this week! catch u guys later,  happy MMOM everyone!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

John Lloyd serving my Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza!!wahh!!:))