Thursday, May 10, 2012

Subtle Ways To Please Your Man

Men love to be fussed over. Well maybe not all!Take my hubby for example. He is simply the no-frills type of guy that sometimes I am really at awe. But I know that like any other person in this world he also has that basic need to be pleased. There are basically a zillion of ways to please a man but doing it subtly does more than do the trick. Here are just a few of them: 1. Surprise him with a shirt or jacket you know he's been wanting for the longest time. My man is into jogging/running and particularly fond of marathons so I know that a warm,cozy GAP jacket would suit him well.Thanks to gap mens coupons which I got hold a week ago I am sure my man will be pleasantly surprised!
2. Treat him to a relaxing massage!I for one am not an expert when it comes to massage therapy but I am trying my best to learn a few techniques. With a little help from essential oils it doesn't fail to help him relax especially after a gruelling day at work.
Lastly, always try to spend quality bonding time together, just the two of you. Share light talk, swap jokes and reminisce happy memories together. My man loves it when we both sit down over, cuddle and just share happy thoughts over a relaxing cup of coffee!

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