Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thank Heavens For Free iPhone Apps

I cannot get enough of music and entertainment and thank heavens the newest technology has afforded music freaks like me with endless perks! For one there are endless free iphone apps that offer a great array of music selections for everyone. DatPiff Mobile 2.1 for instance offer awesome hiphop videos and a wide array of mix tapes that suit your taste. Needless to say there is virtually an unlimited choice of downloadable itunes covering an impressive music genre. I do have my own personal favorites though,when it comes to artists and music icons. Jazz and rhythm and blues appeal the most to me. My music playlist by way of free iphone apps feature the songs of Alicia Keys, Rihanna and Beyonce and why yes, saxophone classics of Kenny G! And of course, soulful renditions of American Idol finalist Jessica Sanchez! With mobile technology getting more and more intricate these days consumers like us are sometimes at awe with the endless possibilities for us to explore! Great and innovative ideas coupled with state of the art apps, I can clearly say, I just can't get enough!