Friday, December 27, 2013


       This year our high school batch of 1989 came together again for our yearly batch reunion. It is  a pre- meet-up before the Grand Alumni Homecoming which usually happens on the last week of December at our high school alma mater, Maryknoll of Panabo. It's actually my first time to attend our yearly batch get-together and boy, did I regret big time! Regret in the sense that it's been just now I actually found the time to meet with former classmates and batch mates! We  had a blast that night although we didn't had a perfect attendance, so to say!

           I'm sharing here some pictures for all of you to see!

     We weren't complete though but here's hoping more of our batch mates will attend the Grand Alumni Homecoming this Dec.29th which will kick off with a motorcade and mass celebration before the actual program and get-together.

       Here's a few more photos of our batch get-together taken last Dec.14th at Den's Cafe.

      Take a look at this photo. From left is Shiela, Nelly, that's me in stripes and Marife. We belong to the same section, St. Dominic, and only the four of us from the said section were present during the get-together. We're really looking forward to see the rest of our classmates as well as batch mates during the Dec.29th Alumni Homecoming.

          Now the real challenge is actually just beginning, as our Batch of 1989 will be the next host of the Grand Alumni Homecoming. Next year, 2014, is gonna be a challenging year then for all of us, Batch 1989!! So, as we welcome 2014, Year of The Horse, let me take this chance, too, to call on our batch mates and classmates! Let's make the Grand Alumni of 2014 a really, really enjoyable one! WE CAN DO IT, that's for sure!! 


Saturday, November 30, 2013


The Holidays are fast approaching and before we know it Christmas would just be hours away. It's the 30th of November 2013 and tomorrow it's gonna be December already. How time really flies! I am caught up in the web of things that I tend to forget sometimes what time or what day it is! Being a full time mom could be the culprit for that, you tend to have so many things going on inside your head that the calendar dates start to become irrelevant to you. You just tend to keep going, riding along with the waves of change, of activity and everything else! 

These two kids make my life a busy one and I try my best to become the best mother for them, although sometimes I feel I tend to become so strict and then I start to feel guilty! (sigh) 

That's our most recent picture! Not much but I am proud to say that we try our best to really make things work out to become a happy one. They make my life worthwhile and I devote my time to them although I feel that there's still so much for me to do.

I am exploring the possibilities of working online on a part time basis, for now.  It's not much but I am starting to discover the wonders of this new career that I hope to bring to a higher level. I am also exploring the possibility of tapping the opportunities derived from blogging.

Ah well, this is the time for thanksgiving and recounting the times of my life. Tomorrow it's gonna be the start of another month might as well welcome it with open arms! May the Holidays bring in more cheer and blessings for everyone! Well, what a life!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

WAHM Buddies: Love, Fashion And So Much More!

WAHM Buddies: Love, Fashion And So Much More!: I always look forward to weekends because the household is into some kind of mute mode, well, something like that. I can afford to wake u...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Love, Fashion And So Much More!

I always look forward to weekends because the household is into some kind of mute mode, well, something like that. I can afford to wake up late and catch up with my reading and yes, blogging! With not much to do  today I decided to browse through online shops because, like window shopping, it gives me a natural high. Clothes and accessories come in all colors and designs I  was literally drooling over them. Well, to make the story short,my endless "Googling" led me to this website which featured Top 10 Sunglasses. The post gave me an idea on what to give my hubby for the holidays and I realized that, my, how little knowledge I have when it comes to fashion and accessory trends for men! (chuckle!) But then I got the surprise of my life because browsing through the site I realized that it also offered insightful ideas on men and women relationships! There were information on the usual men and women traits and also topics on impressing women from various countries. I thought to myself, this sure is a smorgasbord of details, very informative! Really, I had a blast going through the posts, it sure gave me more insights on men and women interaction from all over the world, and yes, the site also has featured posts on Indian Whatsapps that is easily the trend now even in other countries, as well.

Well, this has been a very enlightening Saturday for me I'd say! The online community sure has a lot to offer where it concerns blogs and websites that provide informative material for all. I intend to do this on a more regular habit, that's for sure!

Have a great Saturday to all!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Typhoon Yolanda just left the Philippines, and it left us in total disarray.  So many lost lives, so many shattered properties, so much shattered dreams.  The extent of damage is so vast especially in the towns and municipalities in Leyte, Samar, Aklan, Iloilo and other neighboring places. It is so heartbreaking, so depressing.

From social media sites to the telecasts on National Television one can clearly see the great loss of lives and property and  we just can't help but ask ,WHY did this happen to our country? And yet  questions just keep piling up and answers just can't be found neither.

What is evident amidst all this though is the resiliency of the Filipinos and the ability to rise above all else. For indeed, now is not the time to blame anyone or even the government. It is instead a time to pick up the pieces and start all over again... NO MATTER WHAT!!

My heart goes out for all our kababayans in Tacloban, Palo, Samar, Aklan, Iloilo and all the other places elsewhere which have been badly affected. I am one with the rest of the Filipino people in praying for the best to still come our way. For all those who have lost their loved ones, my sincerest condolences.  In my own little way I will do my share to help and reach out, even only through prayers.


Sunday, September 22, 2013



Who would have thought this simple probinsyana from Isabela would be hailed as this year's Miss Supranational! 

Truth is my curiosity got the better of me when I saw her just the other night on Korina Sanchez' Rated K show and frankly, I was speechless by her overflowing simplicity and humility.Imagine my surprise when I saw her on TV speaking so proudly of her humble beginnings, taking the show's host on a tour of her oh so modest home and totally unforgettable for me was when she stood between 2 fat cows which she proudly referred as investments. Wow, what a girl!!


And yes, she spoke so proudly of the salagubang or beetle and how her salagubang walk caught the world's attention! I was just so amused with the light-hearted way with which she talked about the times when they would catch beetles that they would cook and later eat because food was scarce during her growing up years. So ironic how the beetle became her prime source of inspiration later on!!

Well, what can I say!Hats off to this stunning woman!a genuine Pinay out to conquer the world. She stressed that in everything you do, always TRUST YOURSELF!! Very well said, girl!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Is It Okay For Teeners To Go On A Diet?

More and more teens today are becoming conscious of their weight and more so, their appearance.  My nephew, for instance, has become very obsessed with dieting just recently. To think that he is just 12 years old! I asked him why is there a need to diet and he simply said, "I'm the only one in our class who's chubby!" In short, he has certainly become very conscious of his physical appearance. 

Is it really okay for teeners to already go on a diet? The answer is of course, a big NO. According to  it should not be the case since teeners are still in their growing years and their bodies are still developing. Therefore, instead of eating less or skipping meals, teens can improve their health and correct their weight problems by eating healthy and nutritious food. Indulging in sports and physical activities should also be encouraged.

However, some teens may actually be adviced to go on a diet especially those battling with obesity but it should be properly administered with the help of a doctor and a dietician.

So, teens, eat well but be sure to eat healthy! And parents, let's make sure what we put on the table are not only appealing for our kids but let's make sure it should be food with high nutritional value!! 

Have a great day everyone!!


Sunday, May 26, 2013

How To Satisfy The Snacker In You!!

This I know, I love snacks! You know, that in-between meal cravings for something sweet and tasty! And with the limitless choices these days on snacks you just have to be smart and choose the ones that will satisfy your taste buds, AND, should keep you healthy!

On the top of everyone's nibbler list should be fruits and yes, the most popular are apples, oranges, strawberries and mangoes. Veggies like carrots as well as baked potato fries are also very much preferred. Peanuts and cashew nuts are also very popular because you can eat them even if you are on the go and are available in handy packs that you can bring along  with you.

Another great snack choice you should consider are dried fruits, especially if you are the sweet tooth type of fellow. For me, dried mango tops off the list and yes, dried pineapple and guyabano. If you still haven't tried it, think again! They are really tasty!

These are just some of the snacks that can satisfy the snacker in you but with a little bit of creativity you can make do with countless other options available for you. Just remember, SNACK HEALTHY, PEOPLE!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

On The Brink Of Being 40!!!

Just a few weeks away and I will be officially 40! Now, that's some kind of an achievement. But honestly, I am really looking forward to hitting the big Four Oww, you know, like eagerly awaiting and anticipating for your 18th birthday even when there won't be a debut party anyway! :))

Frankly, now that I'm just about to hit the big 40 I start to think back and do a little backtrack on the years and days of my seemingly ordinary existence. Ordinary because I felt there was not too much drama in it, not much frills but nevertheless overflowing with happy as well as sad moments. I surely have not amassed wealth all these years but then again I have sooo much to be thankful for, FAMILY, RELATIVES, FRIENDS AND MORE FRIENDS!! Well, I always try to abide by such values, to be endlessly GRATEFUL!!!

But then again, now that I'm about to reach 40 I have become more conscious of so much more and that includes, hold your breath, ANTI-AGING ESSENTIALS, THE IMPORTANCE OF SUNBLOCKS AND SUNSCREENS, AND YES, OF COURSE, THE IMPORTANCE OF STAYING FIT AND EXERCISE!!! Whew, BEST OF LUCK to me then!!! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Hospital Stay Could Feel Like Holiday!!!

Being sick and staying in a hospital can be a traumatic experience for most of us especially for kids, knowing their restless and precocious nature. However, it cannot be avoided altogether and personally experiencing it when the kids were younger can really be horrible and totally exhausting.

The good part here is that, staying in a hospital nowadays is already synonymous to staying in a hotel for that matter. Since we were given the opportunity to avail of quality medical care, thanks to my hubby's employer, our sick son was entitled to comfortable bed linens as well as quality hospital supplies and toiletries. This, together with the topnotch medical attention given by doctors have helped a great deal in the speedy recovery from sickness.

So who says staying in a hospital can be really dull and troublesome? It could actually feel like a holiday or a kind of vacation for that matter! So, next time you're admitted in the hospital, just think of  it as a fun way to get well!!

Friday, March 15, 2013


School has officially ended as of  today and just about the right time to head off to, where else but...the BEACH!!! Good thing our place is in close proximity to the sea as we live just a few kilometers away from what makes part of Davao Gulf. In fact, most of my growing up years always included a couple of trips to the beach during summer and something that me and my sister always look forward to!!

Now that I am already a mom, tagging the kids along to the beach has become somewhat of a ritual and frankly, even as we can only manage a few strokes to live by, a trip to the beach is always something to look forward to. But more importantly, I know it will be good for everyone to just relish the sea water because of the health benefits it does to the body.

You heard it right,  sea water has been proven to be a cure to skin and ear infections. It has also been proven to relieve bronchitis, too! In fact, as long as I can remember, my granny and mom would always tag us along to the beach every time there is a cough attack in the household!! Sea water has also been proven to be beneficial to the skin for its cleansing effect.

And so! since it is now officially summer it is but high time to troop to the beach!! Come high or low tide I am sure everyone will enjoy it, not only for the refreshing and uplifting feeling it brings but also for the health wonders it does towards over-all wellness! As Dorie of the "Finding Nemo" flick famously said(or sung for that matter), "Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming!!