Friday, March 15, 2013


School has officially ended as of  today and just about the right time to head off to, where else but...the BEACH!!! Good thing our place is in close proximity to the sea as we live just a few kilometers away from what makes part of Davao Gulf. In fact, most of my growing up years always included a couple of trips to the beach during summer and something that me and my sister always look forward to!!

Now that I am already a mom, tagging the kids along to the beach has become somewhat of a ritual and frankly, even as we can only manage a few strokes to live by, a trip to the beach is always something to look forward to. But more importantly, I know it will be good for everyone to just relish the sea water because of the health benefits it does to the body.

You heard it right,  sea water has been proven to be a cure to skin and ear infections. It has also been proven to relieve bronchitis, too! In fact, as long as I can remember, my granny and mom would always tag us along to the beach every time there is a cough attack in the household!! Sea water has also been proven to be beneficial to the skin for its cleansing effect.

And so! since it is now officially summer it is but high time to troop to the beach!! Come high or low tide I am sure everyone will enjoy it, not only for the refreshing and uplifting feeling it brings but also for the health wonders it does towards over-all wellness! As Dorie of the "Finding Nemo" flick famously said(or sung for that matter), "Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming!! 


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