Friday, April 12, 2013

On The Brink Of Being 40!!!

Just a few weeks away and I will be officially 40! Now, that's some kind of an achievement. But honestly, I am really looking forward to hitting the big Four Oww, you know, like eagerly awaiting and anticipating for your 18th birthday even when there won't be a debut party anyway! :))

Frankly, now that I'm just about to hit the big 40 I start to think back and do a little backtrack on the years and days of my seemingly ordinary existence. Ordinary because I felt there was not too much drama in it, not much frills but nevertheless overflowing with happy as well as sad moments. I surely have not amassed wealth all these years but then again I have sooo much to be thankful for, FAMILY, RELATIVES, FRIENDS AND MORE FRIENDS!! Well, I always try to abide by such values, to be endlessly GRATEFUL!!!

But then again, now that I'm about to reach 40 I have become more conscious of so much more and that includes, hold your breath, ANTI-AGING ESSENTIALS, THE IMPORTANCE OF SUNBLOCKS AND SUNSCREENS, AND YES, OF COURSE, THE IMPORTANCE OF STAYING FIT AND EXERCISE!!! Whew, BEST OF LUCK to me then!!! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Hospital Stay Could Feel Like Holiday!!!

Being sick and staying in a hospital can be a traumatic experience for most of us especially for kids, knowing their restless and precocious nature. However, it cannot be avoided altogether and personally experiencing it when the kids were younger can really be horrible and totally exhausting.

The good part here is that, staying in a hospital nowadays is already synonymous to staying in a hotel for that matter. Since we were given the opportunity to avail of quality medical care, thanks to my hubby's employer, our sick son was entitled to comfortable bed linens as well as quality hospital supplies and toiletries. This, together with the topnotch medical attention given by doctors have helped a great deal in the speedy recovery from sickness.

So who says staying in a hospital can be really dull and troublesome? It could actually feel like a holiday or a kind of vacation for that matter! So, next time you're admitted in the hospital, just think of  it as a fun way to get well!!