Friday, April 12, 2013

On The Brink Of Being 40!!!

Just a few weeks away and I will be officially 40! Now, that's some kind of an achievement. But honestly, I am really looking forward to hitting the big Four Oww, you know, like eagerly awaiting and anticipating for your 18th birthday even when there won't be a debut party anyway! :))

Frankly, now that I'm just about to hit the big 40 I start to think back and do a little backtrack on the years and days of my seemingly ordinary existence. Ordinary because I felt there was not too much drama in it, not much frills but nevertheless overflowing with happy as well as sad moments. I surely have not amassed wealth all these years but then again I have sooo much to be thankful for, FAMILY, RELATIVES, FRIENDS AND MORE FRIENDS!! Well, I always try to abide by such values, to be endlessly GRATEFUL!!!

But then again, now that I'm about to reach 40 I have become more conscious of so much more and that includes, hold your breath, ANTI-AGING ESSENTIALS, THE IMPORTANCE OF SUNBLOCKS AND SUNSCREENS, AND YES, OF COURSE, THE IMPORTANCE OF STAYING FIT AND EXERCISE!!! Whew, BEST OF LUCK to me then!!! 

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