Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Is It Okay For Teeners To Go On A Diet?

More and more teens today are becoming conscious of their weight and more so, their appearance.  My nephew, for instance, has become very obsessed with dieting just recently. To think that he is just 12 years old! I asked him why is there a need to diet and he simply said, "I'm the only one in our class who's chubby!" In short, he has certainly become very conscious of his physical appearance. 

Is it really okay for teeners to already go on a diet? The answer is of course, a big NO. According to  it should not be the case since teeners are still in their growing years and their bodies are still developing. Therefore, instead of eating less or skipping meals, teens can improve their health and correct their weight problems by eating healthy and nutritious food. Indulging in sports and physical activities should also be encouraged.

However, some teens may actually be adviced to go on a diet especially those battling with obesity but it should be properly administered with the help of a doctor and a dietician.

So, teens, eat well but be sure to eat healthy! And parents, let's make sure what we put on the table are not only appealing for our kids but let's make sure it should be food with high nutritional value!! 

Have a great day everyone!!


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