Saturday, November 30, 2013


The Holidays are fast approaching and before we know it Christmas would just be hours away. It's the 30th of November 2013 and tomorrow it's gonna be December already. How time really flies! I am caught up in the web of things that I tend to forget sometimes what time or what day it is! Being a full time mom could be the culprit for that, you tend to have so many things going on inside your head that the calendar dates start to become irrelevant to you. You just tend to keep going, riding along with the waves of change, of activity and everything else! 

These two kids make my life a busy one and I try my best to become the best mother for them, although sometimes I feel I tend to become so strict and then I start to feel guilty! (sigh) 

That's our most recent picture! Not much but I am proud to say that we try our best to really make things work out to become a happy one. They make my life worthwhile and I devote my time to them although I feel that there's still so much for me to do.

I am exploring the possibilities of working online on a part time basis, for now.  It's not much but I am starting to discover the wonders of this new career that I hope to bring to a higher level. I am also exploring the possibility of tapping the opportunities derived from blogging.

Ah well, this is the time for thanksgiving and recounting the times of my life. Tomorrow it's gonna be the start of another month might as well welcome it with open arms! May the Holidays bring in more cheer and blessings for everyone! Well, what a life!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

WAHM Buddies: Love, Fashion And So Much More!

WAHM Buddies: Love, Fashion And So Much More!: I always look forward to weekends because the household is into some kind of mute mode, well, something like that. I can afford to wake u...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Love, Fashion And So Much More!

I always look forward to weekends because the household is into some kind of mute mode, well, something like that. I can afford to wake up late and catch up with my reading and yes, blogging! With not much to do  today I decided to browse through online shops because, like window shopping, it gives me a natural high. Clothes and accessories come in all colors and designs I  was literally drooling over them. Well, to make the story short,my endless "Googling" led me to this website which featured Top 10 Sunglasses. The post gave me an idea on what to give my hubby for the holidays and I realized that, my, how little knowledge I have when it comes to fashion and accessory trends for men! (chuckle!) But then I got the surprise of my life because browsing through the site I realized that it also offered insightful ideas on men and women relationships! There were information on the usual men and women traits and also topics on impressing women from various countries. I thought to myself, this sure is a smorgasbord of details, very informative! Really, I had a blast going through the posts, it sure gave me more insights on men and women interaction from all over the world, and yes, the site also has featured posts on Indian Whatsapps that is easily the trend now even in other countries, as well.

Well, this has been a very enlightening Saturday for me I'd say! The online community sure has a lot to offer where it concerns blogs and websites that provide informative material for all. I intend to do this on a more regular habit, that's for sure!

Have a great Saturday to all!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Typhoon Yolanda just left the Philippines, and it left us in total disarray.  So many lost lives, so many shattered properties, so much shattered dreams.  The extent of damage is so vast especially in the towns and municipalities in Leyte, Samar, Aklan, Iloilo and other neighboring places. It is so heartbreaking, so depressing.

From social media sites to the telecasts on National Television one can clearly see the great loss of lives and property and  we just can't help but ask ,WHY did this happen to our country? And yet  questions just keep piling up and answers just can't be found neither.

What is evident amidst all this though is the resiliency of the Filipinos and the ability to rise above all else. For indeed, now is not the time to blame anyone or even the government. It is instead a time to pick up the pieces and start all over again... NO MATTER WHAT!!

My heart goes out for all our kababayans in Tacloban, Palo, Samar, Aklan, Iloilo and all the other places elsewhere which have been badly affected. I am one with the rest of the Filipino people in praying for the best to still come our way. For all those who have lost their loved ones, my sincerest condolences.  In my own little way I will do my share to help and reach out, even only through prayers.