Friday, December 27, 2013


       This year our high school batch of 1989 came together again for our yearly batch reunion. It is  a pre- meet-up before the Grand Alumni Homecoming which usually happens on the last week of December at our high school alma mater, Maryknoll of Panabo. It's actually my first time to attend our yearly batch get-together and boy, did I regret big time! Regret in the sense that it's been just now I actually found the time to meet with former classmates and batch mates! We  had a blast that night although we didn't had a perfect attendance, so to say!

           I'm sharing here some pictures for all of you to see!

     We weren't complete though but here's hoping more of our batch mates will attend the Grand Alumni Homecoming this Dec.29th which will kick off with a motorcade and mass celebration before the actual program and get-together.

       Here's a few more photos of our batch get-together taken last Dec.14th at Den's Cafe.

      Take a look at this photo. From left is Shiela, Nelly, that's me in stripes and Marife. We belong to the same section, St. Dominic, and only the four of us from the said section were present during the get-together. We're really looking forward to see the rest of our classmates as well as batch mates during the Dec.29th Alumni Homecoming.

          Now the real challenge is actually just beginning, as our Batch of 1989 will be the next host of the Grand Alumni Homecoming. Next year, 2014, is gonna be a challenging year then for all of us, Batch 1989!! So, as we welcome 2014, Year of The Horse, let me take this chance, too, to call on our batch mates and classmates! Let's make the Grand Alumni of 2014 a really, really enjoyable one! WE CAN DO IT, that's for sure!!