Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Coffee and Me!!

I  am writing this to confess something. Yes, I have to confess it and I am so guilty of it.  I'D LIKE TO CONFESS THAT I'M A COFFEE ADDICT! You heard it right,  a coffee addict. I am saying this now, with pure conviction, I  cannot thrive without coffee in sight! This may prove insane for some but I know, that somewhere out there, someone understands me, someone who has the same addiction. For some reason,  I cannot kick off the habit,  hard as I try. Or maybe, I am not trying real hard, after all! ( haha!) 

So, fine, I am a coffee addict but am I glad I am one! Genuinely and truly glad! It's because I stumbled upon some articles that point out to one thing: drinking coffee has so many benefits! And I really thought I am putting myself to waste. Here are just some of the good things I read from Authority Nutrition  about this very potent concoction called coffee!

  • Coffee is the biggest source of anti-oxidants!
  • Coffee drinkers have a lower risk on some types of cancer. 
  • It can help lower the risk of Parkinsons, Alzheimers, diabetes II and dementia.
  • It can aid you in fighting depression and drinkers tend to be happier.
  • It boosts energy levels and makes a person smarter.
These and more attest to the fact that coffee has a positive effect in anyone. And oh, how it really made me smile! So now I know,  I will never give up on this coffee-drinking habit. How about you, are you into coffee? If so, then let's drink to that!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Philipine Cinema: A Time to Celebrate, A Time to Mourn

While everyone is still experiencing a one-of-a-kind high for the recent accolades brought by Filipino directors and filmmakers, at the same time, Pinoys can't help but mourn for the untimely loss of famous local director Wenn Deramas .

The past week has brought about triumphs and recognition for Filipino talent, which has been recognized globally. First, it was Lav Diaz  at the Berlin Film Festival, who won the Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Award for his 9-hour epic "Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis" (A Lullaby for the Sorrowful Mystery). It created quite a stir amongst international film viewers and critics alike.  Then comes Oscar Academy Awards of the USA which happened amidst a flurry of anticipated winners like Leonardo di Caprio. Again,Filipino talent shone during that night with the unanimous win of the animated film "Inside Out". The co-director of this flick is a Filipino, Ronnie del Carmen . All these make us all proud to be Filipino and there is a reason to celebrate the triumphs of these creative geniuses. 

Alas, while everyone is hyped up with their success the entire filmlandia and film buffs all over the country are in dismal spirits. Just yesterday, Feb. 29, Philippine cinema lost one of its recognized young movers of the local film industry. Direk Wenn Deramas (full name: Edwin Villanes Deramas) succumbed to cardiac arrest at around 6 am. Friends and relatives in and around showbiz expressed their shock and disbelief for his untimely demise. Deramas started his career as writer and later as director for television series and ultimately, films, of which, most of them went on to become box-office hits. Actors and actresses paid homage and all were deeply saddened. He will always be remembered for the comedy films that he directed and which left their mark etched forever in Philippine cinema.