Sunday, May 8, 2016


Lipsticks are considered necessities for the women of today. They add color and charm and complete your over-all look. I admit, I am naive when it comes to make-up and all that face-prepping regimen. Maybe it's just me, but then again, maybe it's just my imagination! haha! Truth to tell is, I am the uber-simple type of woman when it comes to make-up. So simple that I am happy with only lipstick and a touch of mascara. Now let's talk lipstick. At my age, I can say I've tried countless lippie brands, from Avon and Ever Bilena to more sophisticated brands like Mary Kay. These brands are trustworthy when it comes to cosmetics and I adore the shades. UNTIL RECENTLY, when I learned of Colourpop through  my cousin.


PACKAGING: The packaging is chic, with gold plated handle and so handy! Described as a "cool-toned blue red shade" this is perfect for ladies who adore red shades. I am so partial to berry and pink shades but upon the sight of this shade I was ecstatic and figuratively drooling to try it!

UPON APPLICATION: Very lightweight and with a satin finish, London Fog definitely was impressive! With just one sweep it gives full coverage and very pigmented as well. Of course, it really helps when you put on lip pencil first, to ensure a very smooth and fine finish on the lips. Non-drying and definitely long-lasting, too! After putting it on, I have since then eaten lunch and had at least 2 cups of coffee but my oh my, it's still there! Not entirely kiss-proof and it can leave smudges on your coffee cup but it's so excusable really! 

THE VERDICT: Long-wearing, non-drying and a very gorgeous shade! I can't ask for more, London Fog really completes your day. This shade best complements career wardrobes but can also complete your night-out dress/ensemble and best of all, it reinforces the chic vibe in you! So, WHY WAIT FOR TOMORROW, WHEN YOU CAN GET IT NOW! Avail Colourpop Ultra Satin London Fog via The Vanity Belle on Facebook.

Here's a  BIG LIP-SMACKIN' KISS to you, my dearies!!

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